Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Mo Quick?

Mo Quick made a name for herself in her native city of Atlanta, Ga. hosting the #1 Morning Show in the city for 3 years. She began her career in Media at age 17. She was heavily influenced by her late Uncle Nate Quick; who was also a Media Personality. She began her career humbly as an intern to many popular personalities in Atlanta; such as, Sasha the Diva, Lil Bankhead, Dj Bill Black, and many other greats. Mo Quick was blessed with her first paid position working for Radio One in Cleveland, Ohio, and later returned to her home in Atlanta, Ga. to further her career.

How can I listen to The Mo Show?

The Mo Show broadcasts live from Atlanta, Georgia on Hot 107.9 FM;

Monday through Friday, from 10a until 3p.

Does she have a podcast?

Mo Quick has 2 podcasts available; The Black Agenda and Mo Conversation.

Is Mo Quick from Atlanta?

Mo Quick was born in Atlanta, Georgia at Georgia Baptist Hospital; now known as Atlanta Metro.

Mo Quick was raised in the city of Atlanta and the surrounding Metro.

Why would I Collaborate or work with Mo Quick?

Mo Quick have a loyal following and she’s become an influencer in addition, the trusted voice within the Atlanta Georgia Metropolitan Area therefore, her media influence would greatly and immensely assist in growing your brand or businesses organically and traditionally.

What does Mo Quick Charge for her services?

Mo Quick Services Charge is dependent upon how large your business would like to scale and grow, when utilizing someone such as Mo Quick Productions and her Solid Business Relationships and Authority within the Atlanta Georgia Metropolitan Area it can be challenging to offer pricing without conducting a proper counsel and qualify.

A Free Consultation is always warranted due to every business have different challenges within their unique niche Market Area.

Mo Quick

Mo Quick

Media Vocal Influencer Personality

Mo Quick has over 10 years of Voice Over experience. She has worked with Nationally known brands such as BET, McDonalds, Urban One Media, Kommercial Kings, Macy’s and so many more! She adds a unique sound and feel to every project!